Prehistoric workshops

Learn while having fun

Explore the craft of flintknapping, discover the secrets of fire kindling, sample the delights of recreating cave art, and learn how to hunt with a spearhead and assegai, as they did in ancient times.
Our workshops offer hands-on experience in prehistoric man’s daily life, enriching the visit.

Open to all ages at no extra charge. Reservation not required, except for groups.
Daily, from the second week of July to the last Friday of August from 1.30 pm to 7 pm, except Saturdays.

Allumage du feuLighting the fire

Our guide will demonstrate the ancestral method used for lighting a fire in the Cro-Magnon man way, revealing the upheaval that mastering fire brought to our ancestors.

Taille du silexFlint knapping

Our guide will carve a block of flint and show you how the tools evolved and were perfected in prehistoric times.

Tir au propulseurPrehistoric hunting

Armed with a spear / assegai and a propeller, go back in time and hunt like our ancestors did. You will be able to measure the performance of these tools and their role in the evolution of mankind.

Peinture sculptureCave art

Be inspired by the cave paintings in the Dordogne / Périgord and try your hand at Prehistoric art, painting with natural ink.


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